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Investigative Services

Threat Evaluations Investigations Worldwide

Threat Assessment has been a very useful tool in order to gauge the type of security needed for any given situation This approach is a fact based method of assessment that does not rely on profiles specifically, but focuses on an individual’s patterns of thinking and behavior to determine whether, and to what extent, they are moving toward an attack. Threat Assessments can be utilized in all facets of security and in investigations. Agents have used this proven method for:

  • Stalking Cases
  • Hostile Employment Terminations
  • Corporate threat letters investigation
  • Executive Protection
  • Strike Security Management

Corporate Due Diligence

Uncover critical information in advance of investments, partnership opportunities, dispute negotiations or employment offers. Effective negotiations depend upon accurate information – as does any major decision involving strategic risk to the corporation. SIRIUS investigators and research analysts specialize in transactional and corporate due diligence services in the U.S. and around the world. We serve as trusted advisors to the legal, financial and compliance teams charged with formalizing and assessing major transactions and strategic business relationships, and navigating corporate disputes. A SIRIUS Security International Inc. due diligence investigation provides intelligence and insight in support of mergers and acquisitions, partnership opportunities, executive hires, board appointments, reputational profiling and market entry.

Evidence Gathering

This service is provided to collect proof or facts of any incident or allegation made by any individual, company, city, and state or government agency. The objective is to obtain all pertinent information enabling the client to make informed decisions regarding subsequent actions.

Asset Recovery

Our asset recovery services include investigating and recovering lost or stolen property. SIRIUS will provide a complete and thorough investigation in order to uncover the truth. Our primary goal with any asset recovery investigation is to determine precisely what happened and to locate and recover any stolen property.

Forensic Examinations

A Forensic Examiner may be of assistance by conducting examinations and comparisons of any evidence that may present itself in the form of a document or electronic file. The scope of document examination is not limited to the conventional piece of paper bearing a handwritten signature or note, however, may also include commercially printed documents, typewritten documents, or even markings on lumber or gravestones. Our computer forensic team can analyze virtually any system and provide a detailed report of any case.

Forensic Investigative Accounting and Consulting

We investigate fraud, anti-money-laundering, insurance claims, assign financial damages assessments, and personal and business Financial Risk and Management.

We have more than 40 years of experience in Consulting, Accounting, Taxation and Investigations. SIRIUS is licensed in insurance and certified in anti-money laundering. We are adaptive, analytical, confident, detail-oriented, ethical, evaluative, and function under pressure. We analyze Economic damages calculations, suffered thru tort or breach of contract and post-acquisition disputes.

Areas of service are:

  •  Bankruptcy, insolvency and reorganization
  •  Computer forensic analysis
  •  Economic damage calculations
  •  Family law
  •  Financial statement misrepresentations
  •  Fraud prevention, detection and response
  •  Asset Valuation

SIRIUS fosters new ideas and scenarios. We think independently, inquisitively, insightfully, intuitively and make people feel at ease. We are persistent, responsive, skeptical and goal orientated.

We possess:

Auditing skills, Critical/strategic thinker, Effective oral communicator, Effective written communicator, identify key issues, Investigative ability, Investigative intuitiveness, organize an unstructured situation, Research skills, See the big picture, Simplify the information, solve structured problems, solve unstructured problems, synthesize results of discovery and analysis, and tell the story.

What sets us apart? We can think like the wrongdoer and understand the goals of a case.

What we do:

  • Analyze and interpret financial statements and information
  • Asset tracing
  • Audit evidence
  • Conflict negotiation and resolution
  • Electronic discovery
  • Fraud detection
  • General knowledge of rules of evidence and civil procedure
  • Internal controls
  • Interviewing skills
  • Knowledge of law enforcement
  • Knowledge of relevant professional standards
  • Possess specialized technical skills and Testifying

Methods We Use:

Discovery, Analysis, and Communication by utilizing our Analytical abilities, Investigative intuitiveness and diverse background.

Our strengths are effective oral and written communication, investigative intuitiveness, synthesize and simplify the information, ability to identify key issues, flexible/opened-minded and ability to understand the goals of a case.

We have decades of business, cultural and technical accounting knowledge.

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